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Lacy Kay

A singer and musician from London, England, now residing and working in the North East, USA.  Lacy

is known for her versatility within music. With a plethora of live and studio sessions under her belt, she has 

worked as a lyricist and session vocalist alongside commercial top 40 producers and artists, and is currently

one of three lead vocalists in Boston's voted 'Best Wedding Band' Hot Mess. 


Lacy gained her Vocal Performance degree from The Academy of Contemporary Music, London, England. Then

after being in several touring function bands, starting her own music academy The Music Alchemist, and working

as a professional singer throughout Europe, one heart break later Lacy made a bold decision and moved to America.

Her surroundings changing drastically, music still remained at the fore front of Lacy's life. She swiftly became a Vocal

Director where her talents for vocal arrangement and harmonies grew into a full fledge love affair. Lacy then moved to

Boston to focus solely on her music career, as a solo artist and lyricist. 


Music is all Lacy has ever done. She developed a love for singing and dancing as a child and from then on was regularly involved in musical performances, attending Italia Conti Music School in London. Coming from a Jazz background Lacy is influenced by smooth vocal runs, unique melodies, and the powerful upper register, which is now reflected in her writing. Mix in Lacy’s love for Soul and Motown she stands as a smooth, sultry, powerful vocalist whose passion is undeniable on and off stage. Whether she's in a studio as a backing vocalist, or centre stage fronting the band, Lacy goes above and beyond to give an unmatched vocal performance. 


Lacy Kay has a deep love for music that goes beyond lyrics and melody. All her life memories revolve around the sounds

of music and its power to evoke emotion. So it was only natural that while moving on from a heartbreak she would find

closure and healing in the form of songwriting. It lead to her creating The four-piece Mini Album Series:  X   O   Fk   U

Each song in the mini series is inspired by the emotional rollercoaster you go through when parting from a love. Add

in a sprinkle of moving countries, finding yourself, learning to love yourself, and discovering what true love really

is, you have the perfect amount of cliche ingredients for passionate, vulnerable music. The first self titled mini

album ‘ X ‘ will be released Spring 2017. Every song within the series has been written, arranged, performed,

and produced by Lacy. Although within each track you can identify the underlining inspiration, musically each

song offers a different vibe, tone and style. From live piano and raw vocal love ballads, to sultry Jazz songs with

strong trumpet lines, to intense passion-evoking hard hitting pop songs. 

Lacy is excited to be sharing her music with people who long to escape into their feelings, whether it be with tears of sadness or singalong empowering melodies, she hopes you connect to her music in the way it helped her to reconnect with who she is. She's enjoying the musical journey, and is eager to release the rest of the Mini Album Series throughout the year, alongside setting up live ‘pop up’ performances. To keep up to date with what she has going on follow her on social media or join the mailing list below.


                    "I can't stop smiling at the thought of what 2017 has in hold for me musically! The Mini Album

        Series has been something I've been keeping under wraps and secretly working on for a while now, and even tho

          nerves are running through me, they are the good kind! The fiery, exciting, I think I'm going to burst kind!! 

                                 Ahhhh I can't wait! Ok, I'm off to start planning the music videos!"  



xo  Lacy Kay  xo 

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